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North Carolinians Support Equal Relationship Recognition Rights

Equality is on the move in North Carolina – a new poll shows that more than half of residents now support legal recognition of same-sex couples. 

And fierce opposition is waning. Only 35 percent of respondents opposed all legal recognition for same-sex couples, down from 44 percent when the question was asked in March 2009. The poll’s findings clearly show that Republican state senators are out of touch with the desires of their constituents. Just days ago, a draconian anti-LGBT constitutional amendment was introduced in the state Senate that would amend the state constitution to prohibit any form of relationship recognition for same-sex couples – including marriage equality, civil unions or domestic partnerships. HRC is partnering with Equality North Carolina to support the group’s work to stop the discriminatory amendment. HRC recently gave a $10,000 grant to help with the effort. Read more about HRC’s partnership with Equality North Carolina.

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