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NOM’s Marriage Poll Spin

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

NOM is touting a recent Rasmussen poll that finds 78 percent of Americans feel marriage is important to our society. We couldn’t agree more. A majority of Americans – 53 percent – also feel committed, loving same-sex couples should be able to marry.

What’s disingenuous here is how NOM tacitly implies that the 78 percent of Americans who view marriage as important would somehow not support marriage equality – when in fact, the explicit wording of the poll never delves down that deeply.

We already know a majority of Americans support marriage equality. To imply that a poll finding from a broad question supports their specific anti-LGBT mission is misleading. What the poll does prove is what we already know and are seeing increasingly – marriage is important to Americans, and marriage equality is not only good because they unite and protect families, but also benefit the communities where those families live and work.  

If NOM’s interpretation of the poll wasn’t troubling enough, check out how some of their supporters reacted when a commenter suggested that the poll number was, in fact, supportive of marriage equality:




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