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NOM’s Flip Flopping, Mitt Romney-Style

Post submitted by Kevin Nix, Former HRC Campaign Media Director

Though no firm date has been set, a vote to repeal New Hampshire’s popular marriage law is looming. In light of a possible vote, it is critical that all those who care about defending the freedom and families of committed gay and lesbian couples in the Granite State elevate this cold, hard fact: The National Organization for Marriage does not support civil unions – which is the proposal on the table right now among anti-gay lawmakers, many of whom NOM has supported politically and financially.  (The backwards proposal substitutes marriage with civil unions.)

We have documented time and again at NOM Exposed the group’s opposition to civil unions, and this morning Jeremy Hooper has compiled a new comprehensive dossier of NOM’s staunch position on any relationship recognition for LGBT people. Such a policy reversal I would imagine does not go over very well with the Catholic Church hierarchy, who also is adamantly opposed to civil unions.    

What happened to the virulent anti-gay spine of Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher? Is the mood of the country getting to them? 

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