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NOM’s Brian Brown Blows a Gasket over Prop 8 Ruling

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Not surprisingly, National Organization for Marriage Executive Director Brian Brown is not too pleased with yesterday’s decision out of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional. NOM immediately blasted out a fundraising email with not one, not two, but three prominent “DONATE NOW” buttons and an all-capped headline declaring “EVERYTHING NOW HANGS IN THE BALANCE!”

The email paints a picture of a final showdown in the Supreme Court, and Brown asks supporters to make a tax-deductible donation “right away!” He goes on to rage: “Our opponents will throw everything they have at this case-all of the resources they can bring to bear from the Hollywood elites and the gay billionaires like Tim Gill and John Striker who fund their cause.”

Despite NOM’s ongoing battles against marriage equality in states like Minnesota and New Jersey, and their pledges to target Republican lawmakers in New York who supported last year’s historic marriage win in the Empire State, Brown promises “Every penny you give will go directly toward the Prop 8 legal expenses.”

Exactly who NOM is depending on to fund their battle is murky – the group is known for professing to represent a large base of supporters when, in reality, five donors account for nearly 90 percent of the group’s funding, according to their 2010 990. The same secrecy goes for NOM’s state work. A report HRC released earlier this week shows that the NOM-affiliated Minnesota for Marriage campaign showed the organization raised nearly $1.2 million to fight marriage equality, but reported just seven donors.

It will be interesting to see how NOM spins their latest attempts to raise funds – will another “generous donor” offer to match everything raised at the last minute once again, as so often has happened in the past? Stay with for the latest.

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