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NOM: The Law is a Mere Obstacle

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

NOM’s head-scratching Starbucks boycott certainly has many purposes, though none of them are likely related to the company’s commonsense support for marriage equality. NOM is trying to draw attention away from their humiliating defeat in New Hampshire, where they failed to get a vote on repealing the state’s massively popular marriage equality law.

They’re also trying to distract from the fact that they challenge campaign finance laws in virtually every state they engage in – and courts consistently rule against them.

NOM’s argument that they need to keep their donors secret because of harassment fears are a cover for the embarrassing fact that most of their funding comes from five donors and not a wide swath of everyday Americans.

Maine. California. Washington. Minnesota. New York. Rhode Island. Iowa. All states where NOM is trying to flout the law, and losing.

Don’t be deceived by NOM’s one-off campaigns – see it for the distraction it is. Take action now and join us in dumping NOM:

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