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NOM President Brian Brown Admits to Stirring up Dangerous Anti-LGBT Sentiment Abroad

Brian BrownPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

NOM President Brian Brown heaped praise on his organization’s efforts to stir up anti-LGBT sentiment in countries abroad – particularly in the Middle East – that don’t provide the most welcoming environments for LGBT people; and said NOM had more work to do in that area. 

The comment came during a call NOM held with supporters to discuss their sweeping losses across the board Tuesday night. According to the American Independent, Brown said companies like Starbucks needed to be stopped from supporting equality – and hurting their business abroad by whipping up an anti-gay frenzy is the way to do it. Listen to the audio.

Brown’s remarks are just the latest in a string of statements from NOM leaders this week that point to the organization’s true anti-LGBT animus – from Ruth Institute head Jennifer Roback Morse declaring that there was no “future” in same-sex relationships, to board member Orson Scott Card comparing President Obama to Nazis, to NOM’s anti-defamation staffer comparing equality supporters to terrorists. Quite the week for NOM!

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