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NOM Placing Anti-Obama Ads on North Carolina R&B, Urban Gospel Stations

 This blog post comes from Good As You blogger and NOM Exposed partner Jeremy Hooper:

Just caught this little gem on NOM's latest FEC filing–a large radio buy once again masterminded by Frank Schubert:


WFXC (also known as FOXY NC) is an R&B station based out of Durham.  Intestingly,  the top story currently running on that site is headlined: "Romney Has 0 Percent Of African-American Vote."  NOM is clearly trying to change that and is using marriage as the wedge.

Same divisive tactics, different day.


*MORE: According to Open Secrets, the ads will also air on WNNL, a local Urban Gospel station.  Also, the ads are scheduled to run 8/27–9/2, so immediately before the DNC.

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