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NOM Now Framing Our Marriages as ‘Alleged’

This post comes from Good As You founder and NOM Exposed partner Jeremy Hooper:

This comes from Brian Brown's latest fundraising blast:

I've never seen NOM use these smear quotes before. It seems to be a change in policy—one right out of the fringe wing of NOM's associated movement!

So why, after years of engagement in this fight, is the NOM president now resorting to references that write off an increasingly legal notion as if it's theoretical? One word: desperation. We've all watched the once-pragmatic NOM become infintely more partisan, faith-driven, and hostile over the past year or so. This seems to be just another step towards American Family Association territory. They seem to know (based on polling, likely) that they have no choice but to hyper-motivate that small-but-engaged coalition that will turn out on election day ("the politics of just enough," I call it). So the calculation seems to be that they can afford to turn off moderates with stunt boycotts and denigrating terminology, so long as those who misprioritize discrimination against same-sex couples as a top priority get behind the NOM agenda even more fully than before.

I say it's a gross miscalculation, here in a fight where we know that demonstrated animus is the thing that will ultimately destroy the "protect marriage" movement. That animus, not just for civil marriage rights but also for loving indivuals/couples themselves, is becoming increasingly easy to prove. NOM is leading the charge, both on the state and federal level.

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