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NOM Mails Personal Attack on Gay Comic Fans’ Wedding

Post submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

NOM is stepping up their attacks on loving, committed same-sex couples.

In coordination with Marvel’s recent release of the Incredible X-Men #51 – featuring the wedding of Northstar and Kyle – two X-Men “super fans” from Columbus, Ohio, were selected to hold their own wedding in NYC’s Midtown Comics.

NOM, unsurprisingly, is outraged about this. The anti-LGBT group launched a personal attack on Scott Everhart and Jason Welker in the opening of their most recent newsletter:

... But something is wrong when huge companies push gay marriage into children's literature in order to make money. Something is wrong when a comic book store decides to host a wedding, again for commercial purposes. And something is really wrong when a man proposes because, well, somebody else is going to help pay for the wedding and it might mean a cool trip to New York City.

Somewhere there may be some foolish man and woman getting married in a comic book store. But nobody else is paying for it and nobody in the media is covering it.

Are we really supposed to believe in the "sanctity" of gay comic book weddings?

NOM’s public targeting of a loving and committed couple is shameful though not surprising. HRC wishes Scott and Jason all the best.

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