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NOM Liaison: Democratic Party is a “Demonic Party”

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

There have been some very interesting things coming out of NOM the past few weeks. Just last Tuesday, Maggie Gallagher came up with yet another reason why, in her mind, gays and lesbians can’t raise a family: same-sex couples are, apparently, too volatile. And just yesterday, video emerged of top NOM leader Jennifer Roback Morse saying gays could earn salvation only through a life of chastity…and she also referred to San Francisco as the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now, NOM’s Religious Liaison, the Rev. William Owens, is referring to the Democratic Party as a “demonic party” for allegedly rejecting God. Here’s the transcript of Owens talking today with the FRC’s Tony Perkins. H/T Right Wing Watch:

They haven’t seen anything yet, now I get hate mail now and I don’t know what they’ll say the next time, because I’m going at a party with God out, when it was God who brought black people through slavery, it was God that we trusted in that brought us through the civil rights movement when we were being beaten, put out of our homes, threatened, lost our jobs, it was God that we looked to. For them to take God out, it’s demonic; it is a demonic party and I will call it what it is and I’ll take the heat, at my age what can I lose? I will tell the truth. I’m not trying to win favor with anybody I just want God to be pleased with my life. 

This is the same NOM spokesman who compared marriage equality to bestiality. Yes, he actually said that – only with much more explicit language.

Earlier today, we shared with you Tony Perkins’ latest video in which he said marriage equality was a violation of God’s law that “only brings pain and heartbreak,” and that in society today, “right is called wrong and evil is called good.”

It’s impossible not to notice that the closer we get to Election Day, the more shrill the attacks of our opponents become – and the less they seem to care about even trying to mask their demonization of LGBT Americans.

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