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NOM Is Displeased With General Mills

General Mills did the right thing last week when the company came out against a proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota that would ban marriage equality. The company made the announcement immediately after taking another important step forward for equality by speaking out in favor of federal workplace protections during a Senate committee hearing on ENDA.

NOM, of course, is not happy with General Mills.

The anti-LGBT organization fired out an email this morning, urging its supporters to donate to Minnesota for Marriage – the NOM-affiliated group working to prevent loving, committed same-sex couples from marrying. Brian Brown decried the move as a “war on marriage,” while Minnesota for Marriage refers to General Mills’ support for equality and dignity as “one of the stupidest PR decisions of all time” – before promptly hitting up readers for donations of $20 or more.

You might remember that in February, HRC reported that Minnesota for Marriage had approximately seven donors – versus the more than 5,000 fair-minded folks who support Minnesotans United for All Families. But that doesn’t mean the opposition isn’t well-funded, and that they won’t do whatever it takes to prevent loving, committed same-sex couples in Minnesota from being able to marry.

You can tweet your support to General Mills at @GeneralMills.

HRC is a proud supporter of the Minnesotans United for All Families coalition.

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