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NOM: HRC’s “Campaign of Cultural Intimidation” Played Role in King & Spalding DOMA Withdrawal

From HRC's NOM Exposed project: nom exposed

The National Organization for Marriage was pretty thrilled when Former Solicitor General Paul Clement and his (at the time) law firm King & Spalding agreed to take up defense of DOMA on behalf of House Republicans.

Now that King & Spalding has rightly decided to withdrawal itself from the case, NOM is none too happy. Clement is jumping to another firm and continuing his work to keep DOMA on the books, but King & Spalding’s move sends a powerful message.

NOM has seized this opportunity to turn up the decibel level against HRC and other marriage equality advocates. NOM President Brian Brown told the Advocate: “HRC did what it enjoys doing, which is to launch a campaign of cultural intimidation. We see this time and time again.” And check out the statement NOM made on their blog following this morning’s announcement:

“We have been noting the harassment and intimidation tactics used by gay rights groups (particularly the Human Rights Campaign) against King & Spalding over the previous days. More from us soon.”

Is a gathering storm approaching? If NOM thinks we’re going to stand by while anyone argues for continued discrimination against LGBT people, they’re sorely mistaken.

For more on the anti-gay rhetoric and questionable ethics of the so-called National Organization for Marriage, check out

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