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NOM Claims LGBT “Threat to Marriage” in New TV Ads

This post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

Your TV watching experience just got a little less pleasant, courtesy of the National Organization for Marriage.

NOM continues to make headlines this week with the debut of two new TV ads warning straight Americans of the supposedly looming threat to their marriages.

The ads will run in the four states with marriage on the ballot: Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota. The message is seemingly simple: marriage is for one man and one woman. In actuality, the message is both contradictory and convoluted.

NOM tells people to “please vote yes on the marriage protection amendment so that voters always have the final say.”

NOM’s ads strive to incite the fear that somehow by voting for equal civil rights, all Americans will forever lose all access to the democratic process. Voting for equal civil rights will mean that “the government” and “legislators” will from now on completely rule ordinary citizens’ lives; Americans will lose all autonomy and this country as we know it will be dead.

Not only is the logic of this argument completely non-existent, but the fear-invoking rhetoric is exactly what NOM accuses pro-equality groups of doing. In a letter to supporters announcing the videos, NOM president Brian Brown accuses pro-equality organizations of “[reserving] millions of dollars in airtime to confuse voters, hoping that they will unwittingly vote to redefine marriage.” NOM’s goal with these ads is to persuade Americans that their vote will forever be void of influence if marriage equality exists. Pro-equality organizations’ goal is to win equal civil rights for all Americans. Which message do you find to be more “confusing”?

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