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“No Name-Calling Week” Takes on Bullying

The following post comes from HRC Youth & Campus Intern Sammie Groom:

January 23rd, kicked off the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network’s annual No Name-Calling Week. No Name-Calling Week is directed at ending all types of name-calling and offers tools and knowledge to stop bullying in their schools and communities.

The end of bullying in schools is crucial to allow children grow up in a healthy and safe learning environment. Being the child of an LGBT parent, I experienced firsthand bullying and name-calling on my elementary school playground. I also watched other kids getting bullied and bullying others for things including race, gender, hair or eye color, height, toys, and clothes. Many youth today continue to feel all the negative emotions I experienced – feeling  helpless, disliked or unwanted for uncontrollable genetic traits and personal interests.

Although I am no longer a child being bullied, I still witness all types of bullying. Students of all ages have the right to learn in a safe and secure environment. In order to end bullying, a group effort will have to be made by school administrators, teachers, parents, and other students. School administrators should work more to enforce school policies that support respect and embrace inclusive language and curricula. Teachers should also explore and celebrate differences among people and at the same time use their authority to condemn name-calling and bullying. Parents can teach their children to respect differences. Older students can make an effort to end harassment and set examples for younger students that bullying is not a tolerable action in schools.

For those who want to take action there are events like No Name-Calling Week. And there are ways to make change through programs like HRC’s Welcoming Schools,  created to address name-calling, gender stereotyping and family diversity in grades K-5. Together we can make a difference.

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