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NJ Lawmaker Seeks to End Dangerous Reparative Therapy

GavelNew Jersey Assemblyman Timothy Eustace could introduce legislation as early as this week protecting youth in the Garden State from the dangerous practice of reparative therapy.

Eustace’s announcement followed shortly after California lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting licensed therapists from practicing ex-gay therapy treatments on patients under the age of 18.

Should the legislation pass, NJ would become the second state in the country to ban reparative therapy.

Reparative, or conversion, therapy purports that an individual can change their sexual orientation through prayer or other religious efforts. Significant evidence has since debunked the theory and nearly every major medical and mental health organization in the U.S has condemned it’s use. 

To learn more on the dangers of ex-gay therapy, visit HRC’s resource page “The Lies and Dangers of Reparative Therapy.”

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