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NH Lawmaker Highlights Absurdity of Marriage Repeal

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

New Hampshire Rep. David Bates is determined to repeal the Granite State’s popular and common-sense marriage equality law, so some of his colleagues are taking a different approach to highlight just how irrational his bill is.

Rep. Seth Cohn – a Republican – is introducing an amendment to Bates’ legislation that would bar two left-handed people from marrying. It seemingly follows Bates’ logic and is a clever way to draw attention to the absurdity of Bates’ argument that allowing committed, same-sex couples to marry one another actually weakens the institution of marriage – when in reality, it’s just strengthening it.

Recent polling shows that 62 percent of New Hampshire residents oppose repeal.

Rep. Bates hasn’t just said marriage equality is a threat to traditional marriage – he’s even said gays and lesbians present a threat to the public health. Learn more about his bizarre arguments for why the Granite State’s popular marriage equality law should be repealed.

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