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NFL Player the Latest Athlete to Tweet Anti-Gay Slur

Here we go again – Rashad Butler, a linesman for the Houston Texans, dropped a familiar homophobic slur via Twitter on Thursday night while watching a basketball game between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

“Butler made a crack about Kobe Bryant and referred to the Lakers' star as No. 8. Of course, testy Lakers fans quickly responded with corrections because Bryant changed to No. 24 a couple years ago,” wrote the Houston Chronicle.

The reporter speculated that Butler intended to call his critics "jerks," but instead used the slur.

Butler quickly deleted the tweet and eventually issued an apology, but followed it with your typical non-apology:  “ppl getting killed everyday but ppl want to worry about a word I used to get some ignorant … ppl on twitter off my back.”

The Texans and the NFL have yet to respond.

Butler and those who have gone down the same road - including NHL prospect Justin Fontaine earlier this month - don't seem to grasp the idea that spreading this hateful message can perpetuate hate and discrimination toward the LGBT community. 

Share your thoughts about the impact of homophobic slurs by tweeting at Butler.

Think Butler should be punished? Tweet at the Texans and the National Football League, and post a message to the Facebook walls of the Texans and the NFL.

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