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Next Steps in North Carolina

Children of PrideI had the opportunity to represent HRC at a Wilmington, NC town hall last night, joining Equality NC and ACLU-NC to discuss where we go now, after Amendment One.  Tonight, I travel to Morehead City for another town hall. 

We talked about the campaign to defeat Amendment One, what the campaign did, what we learned and what’s next.  What I learned is that this Amendment activated scores of people across along the Outer Banks and Eastern Shore of North Carolina—who organized themselves into effective teams during the campaign, and most importantly, are continuing that important community building and electoral work now.  

In Wilmington, two local groups have emerged after the vote: Children of Pride, a group of families gathering together to support one another, and OUT Network, a statewide online resource guide across five networks:  health, political, faith, military and academic.  New PFLAG leaders also attended the town hall and talked about their agenda of helping local high school students start GSAs in Wilmington area schools.  These three organizations enhance the great work of Wilmington Pride to build the strength of our community in the region.

Together with supporting such grassroots organizing, HRC will join with ENC and the ACLU-NC to pass a statewide Employment Nondiscrimination Act as well as to legalize second-parent adoption in North Carolina.

It was clear to me that Amendment One has done nothing less than to activate our LGBT and straight ally communities who will do the kinds of work that will make real and lasting change in North Carolina. 

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