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New Yorkers United for Marriage Releases New TV Ad, “Vows”

Today New Yorkers United for Marriage - the umbrella group HRC and several LGBT organizations launched to win marriage equality in New York - has released a TV ad featuring a lesbian couple from New York who, after 29 years together, are fighting for the right to legally say "I do."  Mary Jo and Jo-Ann, like many couples in New York, simply want their state to recognize their relationship as valid and  just as committed as that of any straight couple.

New Yorkers United for Marriage is a coalition dedicated to ensuring the passage of marriage equality legislation in the Empire State.  The coalition brings together Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, Log Cabin Republicans and Marriage Equality New York to make marriage a reality for all New Yorkers.

This ad is especially important because we expect the New York legislature will take up a bill that would make Mary Jo and Jo-Ann's dream a reality this year!  But it'll take major resources to convince the legislature to act.  Television advertising in New York is expensive and we need your help right away to make it happen.

We've been this close before – just a year and a half ago – when the New York State Senate failed to pass marriage equality. But public opinion has shifted in our favor with 58 percent of New Yorkers supporting marriage equality – support that comes from all over the state, from people young and old, and of all political parties. We're also fortunate to have the unwavering support of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Still, we are taking nothing for granted. Our opponents, including the National Organization for Marriage, aren't holding anything back to defend outdated, anti-LGBT policies in New York and elsewhere around the nation.

Help us keep Mary Joe and Jo-Ann on the air so that every New Yorker knows who they are. The more legislators that hear their story, the harder it will be for them to say "no" to equality.

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