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New York State Flag Flies High and Proud

Yesterday, HRC invited our 30 New York field organizers to our DC Headquarters so that the HRC staff could thank them for their hard work in helping win marriage equality in the Empire State.

The staff heard  some stories from the organizers about their work:

One organizer said that she and her husband supported marriage equality because they didn’t know if their young daughter would grow up to be straight or a lesbian, but they wanted to make sure she’d be able to marry the person she loved.  So she worked tirelessly in the Hudson River Valley getting hundreds of postcard signatures to priority state Senators.

Another organizer told the staff that one hour after the historic vote he received a text message from a friend from college.  His friend wrote that he was gay and that he was one of the first people he was telling. He thanked him for making it easier to live a happier life.

Some of the organizers joined me on the roof as we raised the New York state flag proudly over our building for all of the nation’s capital to see.

As Americans across our country prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we also know that we have helped our country live up to her promise of liberty and justice for all.

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