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New Mexico DOMA Officially Dead As Session Ends

NM FlagThe following post comes from HRC Regional Field Organizer Trevor Chandler:

With the end of New Mexico’s legislative session, families in the Enchantment State can rest a bit easier knowing that an anti-gay DOMA effort has been defeated. After introducing his constitutional amendment banning any recognition of gay and lesbian marriages in New Mexico, Rep. David Chavez promptly pulled it from consideration last week following an outcry from voters. However, that didn’t stop him from making a last-ditch effort to introduce it once more and try to rush it through committee.

Thankfully, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee were just as unimpressed with Rep. Chavez’s amendment as New Mexico’s voters and quickly tabled it. With the legislative session now over, families in the Enchantment State don’t have to fear this mean spirited amendment, though there is more work to be done.

HRC took action to alert its members and will continue to activate and inform them as well as coordinate with great state organizations like Equality New Mexico to work to make the Land of Enchantment a place where each and every family is welcomed and accepted.

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