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New HRC Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Support Employment Non-Discrimination Laws

There’s more good news on the public opinion front.  New polling released today by HRC in partnership with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, shows a strong majority of voters support employment anti-discrimination laws for LGBT Americans. 

The poll found a vast majority (77 percent) of voters support protecting LGBT people from discrimination in employment.  The support for employment protections defies conventional political wisdom, reaching across party and ideological lines.  Seventy percent of self-identified Republicans and 67 percent of conservatives support anti-discrimination laws.  Support is strong even among groups who tend to be less supportive of LGBT issues, such as seniors (69 percent among voters over age 65), those with a high school degree or less (68 percent), observant Christians (77 percent), born-again Christians (74 percent), and residents of the Deep South (72 percent).

A closer look at the numbers shows some promising news: support for employment protections spans an array of demographics including: the majority of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Catholics, Protestants, weekly churchgoers, and even born again Christians, and across age and race.

The poll does show there’s a need for more public outreach and education for employment non-discrimination laws.  Most voters believe anti-discrimination laws already exist.  Eighty-seven percent of voters believe it is illegal under federal law to fire someone for being gay and 78 percent believe it is illegal under state law.  Even in states without anti-discrimination laws, 75 percent of voters think it is illegal under state law to fire someone for being gay or lesbian.   

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen a groundswell of support for LGBT equality.  Public opinion is quickly shifting in favor of fairness.

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