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Nevada Legislature Passes Transgender Housing and Public Accommodations Protections

This week, the Nevada legislature passed two vital pieces of legislation, SB 331 and SB 368.  Both incorporate gender identity and expression into the state's non-discrimination law, one specific to housing and the other to public accommodations. Earlier this month, the Nevada legislature added gender identity and expression to the employment non-discrimination law. The bills now move to Governor Sandoval’s desk for his consideration.

HRC has worked to build both public and legislative support for this legislation, mobilizing Nevadans and sending staff to educate Nevada lawmakers and businesses on transgender issues.  Through these efforts, thousands of phone calls, emails and handwritten letters have been sent to legislators urging them to approve this legislation.

If signed, Nevada will join thirteen other states and the District of Columbia in providing protections based on gender identity and expression in housing and public accommodations.  For maps of nondiscrimination laws in the states, please visit:

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