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Nevada County Extends Health Coverage to Domestic Partners

This post comes from Steven Amend, a former Deputy Public Defender for Clark County. Steven sits on HRC’s National Board of Governors and resides in Henderson, NV, with his partner, Josh and their son, Caden.

The Clark County Commission voted on Tuesday to extend health insurance coverage to county employees registered with the secretary of state as domestic partners. Under the leadership of Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, domestic partners now enjoy the same benefits afforded to opposite sex couples, including hospital visitation, funeral planning and community rights.

Kristine Kuzemka, a former HRC Las Vegas steering committee member and attorney with the Public Defender’s office was instrumental in passing this ordinance. Five years ago, Kristine formed a committee of gay and lesbian Clark County employees.

"The passage of domestic partnership benefits lends credibility to my relationship and all same sex relationships of county employees. This also gives me piece of mind because my partner, Nancy, was laid off from her job in June, and now I can have her covered under my health care policy.”

"This brings partner coverage in line with the County's diversity policy which states that compensation will be based without regards to [sexual orientation]."

As a former Deputy Public Defender myself, it is great to see Clark County extend these benefits to registered domestic partners. Thanks to the leadership of Kristine and County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, county employees are one step closer to equality.

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