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Nebraska Vets Speak Out Against DADT at Creighton University

Repeal-DADT-Now-banner_600 DADT NE 002 Alva OmahaTwo Nebraskan veterans, one straight, one gay, told of their stories of being in the military before and after implementation of the discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell law that bans gay and lesbian service members from serving openly. Jeff, a straight ally, told of the painful time that he was asked by a commander if a fellow service member was gay. Jim told of the difficult life he led as a married man and how it helped him disguise his sexual orientation while in the Air Force. Eric Alva, HRC's national spokesperson for the repeal effort, has been traveling the country talking about his experience in Iraq, and was on hand as well. The event at Creighton University in Omaha brought out students as well as military families. It was an emotional evening.  At the end of the event, attendees signed a letter to Senator Ben Nelson, urging him to vote for repeal this year. From there Eric, Jim and I went to speak at a meeting HRC arranged of LGBT community members who wanted to work strategically to bring change to Nebraska. What most impressed everyone was that there had never been a gathering before of such diverse LGBT Nebraskans; young and not so young, professionals, students, white, Latino, politically savvy or neophyte. It was an exhilarating event filled with great questions, conversation, and Mexican food. Looking forward to a busy day in Lincoln tomorrow. DADT NE 004

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