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NCOD 2012: Celebrating with Mike Manning

Post by Mike Manning from the cast of The Real World: DC and former HRC intern.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to spend National Coming Out Day with students and community members of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As part of HRC's celebration of National Coming Out Day, I along with HRC staffer Zack Hasychak visited the University of Minnesota.

This event was extra special to me for a variety of reasons. We began by canvassing on campus, raising awareness for the need to "Vote NO" on an amendment to the MN Constitution to ban recognition of same-sex relationships. In the evening I was asked to speak to a packed room of Minnesotans about my own story as well as some words of inspiration - in honor of NCOD.

What impressed me most about this weekend was the response that pro-equality student activists and speakers (myself included) received from the campus, while canvassing and during the speaking event. Almost every "Are you registered to vote?" and "Are you voting NO?" was answered with a "Yes" and "Heck Ya!" Students weren't only familiar with the issues, they absolutely supported Equality.

As I fly back to LA, I'm replaying in my mind the cheers, faces and stories from last night. My faith in the younger generation's regard to equal rights and the potential for positive change couldn't be stronger!

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