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National Adoption Month: John Ireland’s Path to Parenthood

To commemorate National Adoption Month, RaiseAChild.US’s co-founder John Ireland penned an article for The Huffington Post on his and his husband’s personal journey through the foster care system. 

“If you think your life could be enriched through parenting, I urge you to be ready for a crystallizing moment. For me, it was the plea of a young adult calling in to a radio program, who had already made peace with her future. When that realization comes, reach out to those of us who have traveled similar paths. We are ready to help you along your journey. We'll all celebrate together down the road apace, our kids at our sides.”

In March, HRC proudly announced its partnership with RaiseAChild.US on a pilot project to produce recruitment events and media campaign in major cities across the country, raising visibility of LGBT parents and the fostering and adoption process.

This partnership is part of our ongoing effort to increase the pool of loving families across the country. To learn more about HRC’s All Children- All Families initiative, visit  

Read Ireland’s editorial, "Traveling the Path to Parenthood," in its entirety on The Huffington Post.

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