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National Adoption Month Ends – Our Advocacy Continues

LGBT family; Two moms; National Adoption MonthThe following post comes from HRC Family Project Intern Pam Miller:

Today is the last day I can technically wish you a Happy National Adoption Month (until next year, of course)!  So, Happy National Adoption Month! We celebrated by sharing stories from LGBT adoptive families, LGBTQ youth and child welfare agencies, HRC events, and even got your help reaching agencies in your area. A huge thank you goes out to all of the HRC members and supporters who suggested over 50 agencies that we will be able to connect with HRC resources on LGBT cultural competence. Keep them coming!

November may be over, but the need to find more permanent homes for waiting children is unceasing. I challenge each of us to continue the celebration of National Adoption Month throughout the year. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind until next year:

  1. Attend one of the four networking events taking place in West Hollywood, Oakland, Santa Ana, CA and New York, hosted by All Children-All Families and Raise A Child to help connect LGBT prospective parents with eager agencies. You can learn more about these events here.
  2. Educate yourself about child welfare in general, and the current issues in the field. Feel free to share this knowledge with others!
  3. Consider mentoring, fostering or adopting.
  4. Discover what it means to be an ally to the over 104,000 children and youth in need of a permanent home. Become a mentor to a waiting child, volunteer at a local agency, or advocate for inclusive policies. Find a way to get involved and engaged in your community. These kids depend on you!
  5. Read and share some of the stories being lived by new families every day. Or, share your own story!
  6. During National Adoption Month in 2011, President Barack Obama said, “With so many children waiting for loving homes, it is important to ensure that all qualified caregivers are given the opportunity to serve as adoptive parents, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status.” Help these kids find a “forever” family by supporting fairness for all types of families, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender foster and adoptive parents. LGBT individuals and couples continue to face discrimination in effort to provide a loving home for a child.
  7. Last year, we shared this inspiring video and we encourage you to share it with people you know. Let it serve as a reminder to keep the goals of National Adoption Month in mind year round.

What are ways you will celebrate National Adoption Month all year? Tell us by commenting on the blog or on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for all of your support during National Adoption Month 2012.

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