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National Adoption Month Comes to a Close

We have been honored to participate in many National Adoption Month celebrations this month, including the event this morning at HRC where we were joined by Bryan Samuels, Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families (HHS); and featured a new video about our All Children—All Families initiative.  I’m sure many of you heard and read stories throughout November about the need to find permanent families for the 100,000+ children and youth in foster care, and I hope you noticed that many LGBT-headed families were featured not only by HRC and other LGBT organizations, but by mainstream child welfare organizations.  This signifies the progress we continue to make in changing hearts, minds and attitudes toward LGBT parents, and in opening more doors to qualified LGBT foster and adoptive parents.

The truth is that we are a valuable resource – we are needed for children and youth who might otherwise never know what it feels like to have a home, a family, a permanent link to one adult – or two, who will be there for them for the long haul.  If you have thought about being a mentor, a foster parent, or an adoptive parent, please take a step forward.  Even if you’re not sure or don’t feel completely ready, that’s OK.  You will learn a lot in the process of attending orientation and classes (required for any prospective foster/adoptive parent), and agency staff and other parents will help you figure out what you are capable of, and what you have to offer to a child.  We have a list of welcoming agencies and we can help you identify other resources that might be helpful to you in the process. 

Although National Adoption Month concludes today, the need to engage foster and adoptive parents continues every day – there are many children and youth waiting and hoping for a family of their own.  Please take a minute to watch our inspiring video, share it with others, and keep the goals of National Adoption Month in mind every month, every day.  And congratulations again to the thousands of LGBT parents who have built their families by adoption!


Photo captions (From top to bottom): 

Photo 1: Commissioner Bryan Samuels.

Photo 2: Commissioner Bryan Samuels

Photo 3: (Right to Left) Regina Lawson, Recruitment Supervisor at DC CFSA, and Imani Woody, a prospective foster/adoptive parent in DC.

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