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My First Lady

Michelle Obama spoke from the heart last night about what it means to be a parent – and the need for everyone in this country to have the same opportunities, no matter who we love.

She wasn't alone. Tens of other speakers at the convention talked about LGBT rights. It was electrifying – proof of our unprecedented progress as a movement. 

Add your name to the letter thanking Michelle Obama, the other DNC speakers, and leaders from both parties standing up for LGBT people.

Leaders across the political spectrum are supporting marriage equality – including hundreds of Republican officials like San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who appeared in an ad we ran during the Republican National Convention last week.

And the speeches at this week's convention only served to further demonstrate that this is a moment unlike any we've seen before. From the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to the president's full support of marriage equality, speaker after speaker talked about LGBT equality as the fundamental right we know it is.

The values Michelle Obama laid out are our values: putting children first, working hard to support our families, and keeping the door of opportunity open for others to walk through after you.

Leaders like Michelle Obama need to know that their values are our values. Sign our thank-you letter and help this movement's momentum grow.

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