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More than 200 House Parties Held in MN for One Day United

Wedding rings, marriage equality, same-sex marriage, MinnesotaThis past Sunday was a brilliant reminder of the incredible grassroots support that is propelling Minnesota towards defeating the anti-gay amendment that would ban marriage equality. On May 20exactly one year after the Minnesota legislature passed the amendment onto the ballot, communities all over the state from the Twin Cities throughout Greater Minnesota came together to inform, educate, and donate to ensure that we are prepared to beat this thing.

This is a momentous first in Minnesota - never has there ever been such intensity on the ground that such a coordinated effort would be possible and it speaks to the incredible momentum we have found as more and more voters talk about how harmful this is to the freedoms of average Minnesotans. That momentum is showing in the polls as well, where just last week we saw that 52 percentof Minnesotans agreed with President Obama’s position that gay and lesbian Americans deserve full marriage equality.

While the momentum is certainly growing, we’re taking nothing for granted on the ground here. With over 40 field staff deployed throughout the state and more than 350 coalition members signed up and growing, we are moving forward with strength and determination ready to see this through to November 6.

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