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Montana and Idaho GOP Turn to Texas in Drafting Discriminatory Platforms

The following post comes from HRC Field Intern Jacob Smith:

The first words of the newly adopted Texas GOP platform reads: “Throughout the world people dare to dream of freedom and opportunity. The Republican Party of Texas unequivocally defends that dream.”

However, this dream doesn’t seem to apply to LGBT people as it is further laid out in the Texas GOP’s vision for the Lone Star State. In mid-June, the Texas Republican Party revised its platform, adding many new anti-LGBT stances for the second largest state in the Union.

Among the new planks in their platform is an opposition to the legalization of private, consensual sex, a call to end the U.S. Supreme Court’s review of family law in the state, and an attempt to make it a felony to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Additionally, the platform defines marriage as a union between a “natural man and natural woman,” suggesting an anti-transgender bias.

The recent actions of the Republican Party of Texas appear to have inspired two other state Republican Parties, Idaho and Montana, to adopt similar stances at their conventions. The Montana GOP now supports “legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal,” while their counterparts in Idaho added similar “natural man” language to the definition of marriage. Several organizations - including the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Log Cabin Republicans - have publicly denounced the new platform.

It is difficult to tell to what extent this is a national trend. As other statewide Republican parties hold their conventions leading up to the midterm elections, we will watch closely to see if they take a more rational stance on LGBT issues or follow the path of the Texas GOP.

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