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Momentum for Civil Unions continues to grow in the Aloha State

Today, Adrian and I, along with four other leading LGBT organizations in Hawaii, delivered letters from members of the Hawaii Business Roundtable to the Governor.  23 HBR members – a full 50% – have come out in opposition to the original stance by the executive committee of the organization calling for a veto of HB 444, the civil unions bill.  This was a significant development and complete turnaround following the news on June 10th that Hawaii’s most prominent business policy working group had urged a veto of the bill.

This announcement capped two weeks of organizing efforts that saw member after member distancing themselves from a call for a veto of civil unions.  To say that this action was a game changer in the fight for equal rights in Hawaii is an understatement.  The community has really coalesced in this final push for HB 444 and it’s great to see so many of the people I have worked with over the past two years pulling together to present a united front in these final days before the Governor acts.

I want to especially express our gratitude to Equality Hawaii for being the ideal partner over the past two years in this struggle for equality and I look forward to working with them and all the other advocates in the state for years to come.


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