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Momentum Continues in Minnesota Following State Fair

It’s an annual rite of passage here in Minnesota, the State Fair. Also known as the Great Minnesota Get Together it marks the end of Summer and brings in approximately 1.7 million Minnesotans from all across the state to partake in culture, farm animals, food on a stick, and of course politics. And Minnesotans United for All Families showed up in force.

While our booth was small our presence was huge, with opponents of the amendment lined up 20 people deep we signed up thousands of volunteers and committed thousands more to Vote No. It was astounding to see Minnesotans flocking to us from all over Greater Minnesota quickly buying their buttons and shirts and immediately putting them on proudly. It was hard to walk anywhere in the Fair, from the cow barn to the corn dog stand, without someone waving one of our fans or wearing a "Vote No" t-shirt.

After signing up all those volunteers we got them involved with our weekend of action that immediately followed the weekend after. We blanketed the state, sparking conversations by calling voters and going door to door.

This incredible show of support at the Fair and after is a testament not only to Minnesotans United’s commitment to being a truly statewide grassroots campaign, but also that the energy and passion to defeat this hurtful amendment can be found in each and every corner of the state. You can be a part of it by signing up to volunteer here.  The conversation you start could be what beats this thing.

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