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Momentum Continues Against MN Amendment

The surge of opposition to the amendment that would ban marriage between gay and lesbian couples here in Minnesota has been palpable as we’ve gone door to door and talked to voters on the street, and now it’s showing in the polls. Just today, Public Policy Polling came out with a new poll showing a 10-point swing in public opinion since their last poll in January. In just 4 months opposition to the amendment increased 5 points from 44 percent to 49 percent and support declined 5 points from 48 percent to 43 percent. This also comes a month after President Obama announced his support for marriage equality.

Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition fighting the amendment that HRC is a founding member of, has been focused on having one-on-one conversations throughout the state and it is clear the strategy is paying off. This effort has sparked tens of thousands of conversations at coffee tables and community events about why voting no to this freedom-limiting amendment is so important to preserving the Minnesota values of freedom and fairness.

Let there be no mistake, there are five months until the vote in November and we cannot take anything for granted. We have an enormous task ahead of us and HRC with Minnesotans United will continue to push even harder to spark even more conversations. You can bet that our opponents will come out with their usual despicable strategies of fear and lies, and we have to be prepared. Be a part of the fight, donate to the campaign and sign up to volunteer. We need your help to keep the momentum and keep Minnesota a state where everyone is welcome.

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