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MN Gov. Dayton and Sons Pledge $200,000 Matching Donation to Defeat Amendment

Governor Mark Dayton and his sons, Eric and Andrew, no strangers to the cause of LGBT equality, have made a huge commitment to help defeat the amendment that would ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples here in Minnesota.

Already one of our strongest allies, the Dayton family has committed $200,000 as a matching challenge to whoever donates to Minnesotans United for All Families before June 12th, if we’re able to make the goal that will mean an extra $400,000 to defeat this amendment! This amazing show of support comes at a time when the campaign is facing the critical June 12th filing deadline. Donate now to be a part of it.

The Daytons have a long history of giving back to help make Minnesota a better state, with the Governor leading the way in fighting back against this amendment.

Even better is that the Dayton family is a part of the largest grassroots fundraising effort in Minnesota history. Minnesotans United for All Families has received an enormous response from the state, with thousands of citizens digging deep and donating to the campaign. Compare that to those pushing this amendment who are relying on a handful of funders to push their beliefs on Minnesotans.

You can be a part of fighting back by making a donation before June 12th. HRC has been active on the ground with staff and resources since the beginning and with your help we can continue to grow the campaign and start the conversation with even more Minnesotans.

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