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Mitt Romney to Values Voter Summit: “We’ll Defend Marriage, Not Try to Redefine It”

Mitt Romney delivered a video message to attendees at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit this afternoon. Romney’s remarks follow an earlier appearance from Paul Ryan at the event.

In his message, Romney thanked Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council for their “leadership.” He went on to tell the audience that our nation needs a president who upholds “traditional values,” saying: “We will defend marriage, not try to redefine it.”

Romney went on to say that “culture matters…as president, I’ll protect our culture.”

Romney’s embrace of FRC cannot be overlooked. This is an organization that has compared LGBT people to Nazis and pedophiles. This is an organization that thinks that one’s sexual orientation can be changed, and that LGBT people should be exported from the United States. And this afternoon, this was an organization that Mitt Romney embraced and thanked for its work.

You can watch the Summit live via C-SPAN:

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