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Minnesotans Talking to Minnesotans- in Duluth!

The following post comes from Leah Solo, Coalitions Committee Chair, Minnesotans United for All Families:

With Ryan Greenwood, our Deputy Campaign Manager and Organizing Director, on the ground, the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign is moving forward talking to voters!

Multiple nights a week, our office in St. Paul is filled with volunteers who are on the phone talking to voters about where they stand on the constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2012.

Initial feedback has been incredibly positive. One volunteer blogged: “Last night I had a great experience… Phone banking!?!?..... Minnesotans United for All Families makes the work fun, empowering, and as laid back as phone banking can be.”

Last night, I was part of expanding this effort to Duluth! Minnesotans United for All Families recently hired Gary Anderson to head up our efforts in Duluth. Gary has already worked to make Duluth one of the top volunteer organizations and fundraising groups in the state. With him now able to work full time on this effort, there is no telling how large our Duluth organization can grow. 

As part of Gary’s first week, Ryan and I ventured to Duluth to help Gary start his program of phone calling. Gary gathered 13 of his most involved volunteers for a planning session on how to expand the organization in Duluth and activate volunteers to start talking to voters.

The night ended with 2 phone bank dates set up and full volunteer rosters for each night.

This effort in Minnesota continues to show that we are only limited by our capacity to harness the energy that exists to defeat this amendment! November 6, 2012- here we come!

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