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Minnesota Works to Send Bachmann Packing

The following is from Joshua King, Public Policy Advocate for HRC:

I just wrapped up my first day of field work in 2010 election season out here in Minnesota. I spent all day connecting with members throughout the state, making calls to talk about the upcoming elections. After spending all day dialing, it didn’t take long to realize that Minnesotans are really excited about the upcoming elections. People out here want to engage; they want to do their part and help out wherever they can. I am out in Minnesota’s 6th District, where the team here is doing everything that they can to make sure that we send anti-equality incumbent Michele Bachmann packing.

I’ve been working closely  the campaign to elect Tarryl Clark, the Democratic nominee for Congress here in the 6th District.  Clark’s opponent, Bachmann, has a long history of positioning herself as one of the biggest opponents of LGBT equality in our nation. With the help of some outstanding volunteers here in Minnesota, we can make sure that all Minnesotans are represented in the upcoming Congress. If you want to pitch in here in Minnesota, check out Clark’s website to see how you can help. The best part of being out and connecting with our membership is that you are reminded just how enthusiastic our members are. I’ve been told more than once since I arrived that it was great to see that we are out here on the ground, but it is really our supporters that will make a difference this election. Thanks to everyone who I have talked to so far; and to all of those who will be joining me in getting out the vote in the coming weeks.

Paid for by Human Rights Campaign PAC and authorized by Friends of Tarryl Clark.

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