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Minnesota State Senate Advances Anti-Marriage Amendment

Vote Equality MinnesotaPost submitted by Tony Wagner

Yesterday, the Minnesota state Senate did the unthinkable – they passed a proposal to enshrine discrimination in the state’s constitution.  The legislation would amend the constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman, thus not recognizing the love and commitment of thousands of gay and lesbian couples in the state.

If you live in Minnesota, ACT NOW to contact your representative asking them to oppose this awful measure!

The proposal still needs to be heard in two House committees before being voted on by the entire chamber, but time is running out.  The legislative session ends by Memorial Day, so we don’t have much time to convince house members that this legislation is discriminatory and unneeded.  Minnesota law already prohibits marriage by same-sex couples.

On Monday, State Legislative Director Sarah Warbelow and I will travel to the state to meet with local HRC volunteer leaders, coalition members and legislators to help generate the support needed to derail this legislation and begin planning the campaign should the measure make the 2012 ballot.

The 2010 elections emboldened and empowered anti-LGBT forces in the Minnesota legislature.  The only way to change the hearts and minds of legislators who may not feel strongly about this issue is to share your story with them.  Please send a message to your representative today!

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