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Minnesota legislature sends anti-marriage amendment to 2012 ballot!

MinnesotaPost submitted by Tony Wagner

The Minnesota House has passed a proposal to place a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on the 2012 ballot, following Senate action last week

HRC President Joe Solmonese had this to say about the development:

At a time when all Minnesota families are sharing concerns over the economy, it is appalling that the legislature would seek to harm a segment of those families rather than pass a budget.  We are confident, however, that when November 2012 arrives, Minnesotans will reject these divisive tactics.

If you live in Minnesota, here are two things you can do TODAY to express your anger and help defeat this assault on Minnesota families.

Voice your Anger and Disappointment

Send a message to the legislators who voted to put the love and commitment of Minnesota families to a popular vote. Your message will be sent to all Senators and Representatives who voted to send this measure to the ballot in 2012.

Talk to your Friends, Family and Neighbors

One simple thing you can do now is start the dialogue.  A recent Star-Tribune poll showed the majority of Minnesota residents oppose the amendment, but we cannot rest there.  We must build a super-majority of support across the state.  Talking to the people you know and telling them why you oppose this amendment is the best way to change hearts and minds.

HRC has been working closely with OutFront Minnesota, Project 515, supportive legislators, labor and other progressive organizations in the state to oppose this measure in the legislature. This week, we've been on the ground in Minnesota planning a winning campaign to defeat this amendment with the newly formed coalition, Minnesotans United for All Families.

Together we can defeat this hateful amendment next year, but we have to start work right away.  We have 18 months before Election Day, and this campaign is going to be a marathon and not a sprint.  Get involved today to help us win in 2012 and protect all Minnesota families! For more information on how you can help us win in Minnesota, please email me at

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