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Minnesota for Marriage’s Head-Scratching Arguments Against Equality

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

H/T to David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement:

Minnesota for Marriage, the NOM-affiliated anti-gay state group working to define marriage as between one man and one woman in Minnesota, has released six reasons why committed, loving same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry. The New Civil Rights Movement originally shared the Minnesota for Marriage email.

We thought we’d take a look at the six reasons cited in the email, and offer some feedback as to why the group’s anti-LGBT thinking just doesn’t fly.

  1. Sex between a man and a woman has the unique capacity to create a child

Yes – this is true. But what’s most important is that said child has a stable, loving home and parents who are committed to ensuring that child has the best life possible. The reality is that hundreds of thousands children are in need of loving, permanent families – and there are a wealth of LGBT people or couples eager to begin building their families and opening their hearts and homes. In fact, research shows that children raised by same-sex couples do just as well socially, academically, and emotionally as do children raised by heterosexual couples. 

  1. Pregnancy can occur regardless of whether the couple intends to create a child
    or not.

Again, no arguments here. But you can rest assured that same-sex couples who are trying to start a family have given the decision a great deal of thought and reflection, and are truly eager to start a family. In fact, because of various legal hurdles and anti-LGBT legislation in states across the country, same-sex couples go through a much more rigorous and exhausting process to have children – whether we’re talking adoption, second-parent adoption, or surrogacy – and have their new family recognized and protected.

  1. The new human life that is created is vulnerable and needs the protection of

We couldn’t agree more, and this truly makes the case for why all families deserve the same protections under the law. Strong, cohesive families are good for communities – they strengthen the economy, ensure neighborhoods can continue to thrive, and bring the stability needed to ensure to communities are safe and welcoming environments.

Unfortunately, defining marriage as between one man and one woman – and discriminating against LGBT families – puts children at risk because it denies those families the hundreds of protections and rights automatically afforded to heterosexual families.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley got it right when he said marriage equality is about protecting children and families.

  1. The man and woman who created the new life typically have the most interest in
    and are best at protecting and guiding that child.

This is very similar to their first point, and seems to imply that every child ever born is born to a loving mother and a loving father. What matters most, of course, is that all children have the opportunity to be raised by adults who love them and are committed to protecting them and providing for them. This can come in the form of a single mom, a single dad, two moms, two dads, a grandparent – every family is unique. But the root of every family is love and a desire to protect our children and ensure they have every opportunity possible for a successful future.

  1. They agree that they will both be legally responsible for any child conceived during
    the marriage.

See above. This point is again insulting parents who work hard day and night to provide for their children, and who would sacrifice anything for their well-being. Saying that only one man and one woman are capable of caring about their children in such a way is not only mind-boggling, but shows contempt for the diverse array of loving families that make up lively communities across our country.

  1. Couples must work for decades together to raise a child from conception to

Agreed. And why exactly would this be a detractor for committed, loving same-sex couples who have made a lifelong commitment to one another and who have made the decision to build a family together?

Check out all of Minnesota for Marriage’s misleading “news report” style videos where they propagate false rhetoric against LGBT people.

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