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Meeting with Senator Hagan on ENDA

Post submitted by Karl Bach, Former HRC Senior Regional Field Organizer

Last week, a group of six North Carolinians sat down with Senator Kay Hagan at her Greensboro office to discuss the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  This meeting came on the heels of the legislature’s decision to put an anti-marriage equality amendment on the 2012 ballot.

Participants thanked the Senator for co-sponsoring bills like the Student Non-Discrimination Act, and for her votes to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” 

Maddy Goss, a member of HRC’s North Carolina Steering Committee reported back that, “As a North Carolina resident and as someone who also identifies as transgender, I was touched by my Senator’s genuine interest in hearing about my experience. The primary take-away from our meeting was that Senator Hagan was very interested in stories of being transgender in the workplace.  The Senator wanted to know what kind of trouble we had due to our transition or gender expression on the workplace (and also where things went well for us). ”

Linda Stroupe, a PFLAG parent, also said that, “we had been told that we were allocated fifteen minutes and that it was possible that Senator Hagan would have to cancel at the last minute.  She not only met with us but asked questions and spent almost 45 minutes with us.  She started the meeting by telling us how disappointed she was about the actions of the NC Senate and House earlier this week when they voted to put a marriage amendment on the ballot in next May’s elections.  The primary purpose of our meeting today was to share stories to help Senator Hagan understand how difficult life in the workplace is for GLBT people, especially trans people, and to encourage her to consider signing on as a co-sponsor for the federal ENDA bill.”

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