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Meet Penny: Maryland Mother Testifies for Lesbian Daughter

Post submitted by Kevin Nix, Former HRC Campaign Media Director

Yesterday, the Maryland State Senate held a hearing on Governor O’Malley’s marriage equality bill. Scores of clergy, LGBT couples, legislators, attorneys, and parents testified in support of the Governor’s bill, making the case time and again that marriage is about commitment and family – and that the debate in Maryland right now is about gay and lesbian couples being able to get a marriage license. Some highlights from those who spoke about family members:

  • The president of Maryland’s 300,000-strong AFL-CIO, Fred Mason, told lawmakers his gay son should be able to marry in Maryland like his other kids did.
  • Stephen Reilly, who is married with kids of his own, implored the Committee to allow his two moms to marry.
  • And Penny Nichols who has a lesbian daughter. Words can’t describe her testimony. Just watch:

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