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Medical Experts Urge Parents to Support Children as They Explore Gender Identity

The Girl Scouts of Colorado is changing courser and opening its doors to a boy who identifies as female, after initially rejecting him because of his “boy parts.” This promising development comes as psychologists are becoming more vocal about the importance of parents supporting their children as they explore their gender identity.

CNN reported extensively on the story yesterday. The story emphasized the importance of not only supporting children on their journey, but also helping them understand that despite the challenges they could sometimes face in places like school, there was a strong family and community there to help them.Anti-trans medical commentator Keith Ablow

The call for supporting our youth comes at a particularly relevant time – Chaz Bono’s recent appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” led to a burst of anti-trans rhetoric and the spread of dangerous lies, particularly from FOX News ‘medical expert’ Keith Ablow (pictured right).  Ablow falsely claimed Bono’s appearance on the show would send the wrong message to "tomboyish girls" or "less stereotypically 'masculine' boys" – rhetoric that is not only false, but also dangerous and irresponsible. Ablow goes on to compare the transition process - deemed by the American Medical Association to be medically necessary and effective – to "a woman who believes she will be happier without arms [who] has them removed."

Ablow’s message is dangerous and sends the wrong message to the trans youth – and all youth – that we should be supporting. HRC’s Deputy Director of Diversity, Allyson Robinson, penned a strong response to Ablow’s hate.  And Dr. Jack Drescher, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the DSM-5 Workgroup on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders, countered with a medical take-down of Ablow’s misinformation.

Sign our petition speaking out against anti-trans rhetoric. It runs contrary to the support that we should be showing all of our youth.

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