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May the Force of Marriage Equality Be With You

The following post comes from Michael Kamen, HRC volunteer on Long Island working on to secure marriage equality for all New Yorkers:

This past weekend, Stony Brook University hosted I-CON, the northeast's largest convention of science fiction.  HRC Long Island organizer Lisa Votino-Tarrant, a handful of volunteers and I (in monkey costume) were at the school among many other fictional characters including the the Link, Batman, and even Sailor Moon. Long Islanders (in costume) are speaking up! Over the three-day event, we collected over 650 postcards to send to our New York state senators urging them to support Marriage Equality. Even the Dark Lord and Chewbacca were in agreement; every New Yorker should have the freedom to marry the person they love.

Please note: the characters signed with their real names and addresses.

If you’re on Long Island and want to help make marriage equality a reality, contact Lisa Votino-Tarrant at or Dominique Salice at

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