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Marylanders Volunteer for Marriage Equality on MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Day, scores of volunteers from the Human Rights Campaign and Marylanders for Marriage Equality canvassed the streets of Maryland in order to talk to fellow constituents about marriage equality and encourage them to take action. Volunteers encountered strong support, collecting over 230 postcards in support of civil marriage for all loving Maryland couples. Now that the Maryland Legislature is in session, supporters of marriage are doing everything they can to show their Delegates and Senators that support is strong in their districts and all across the state and that the time is now to act and finally pass marriage legislation granting all Maryland families access to civil marriage.

While volunteers across the state canvassed for marriage on MLK Day, last night the state’s largest labor unions and U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards held a rally in support of jobs, justice, and equality. We thank Representative Edwards, who voiced her support of marriage equality for all Maryland families. In her remarks below, she stressed the religious exemption, which would be part of any legislation that does pass.

“I was married for a little while. I chose to be married. Then I chose not to be. But in the state of Maryland I could. But that should be the case for all Marylanders. And I know, look, I know that this is really tough. I go to church too, y’all.  And I’ve heard it too. And I want to say to all of our faith leaders out there that I understand that probably in my Baptist church in Maryland it is not likely that there will be performed - in my church - gay marriages.” View Rep. Edwards' remarks:

In the coming days, Governor Martin O’Malley is expected to introduce priority legislation promoting marriage equality while protecting religious freedom. Maryland clergy would not have to perform any marriage they did not agree with - so religious marriage would not be changed in any way.

To learn more about the campaign or how you can get involved and make civil marriage a reality in Maryland in 2012, please contact David Turley at

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