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Maryland Teachers for Marriage Equality

David Turley has been working with Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the campaign working to defend marriage equality at the ballot box in November. David serves as the campaign's Coalition Director, has been working in Maryland for 14 months and works alongside more than 10 HRC employees who are embedded in the Maryland campaign for marriage equality.

I was in beautiful Ocean City this past weekend for the annual convention for the Maryland State Education Association. I didn’t see much of the beach, but that’s OK – I was too busy chatting with teachers who were energized about our fight to uphold the state’s new marriage equality law.

The 70,000-member MSEA is one of the many labor groups that has signed on as a partner with the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition in support of marriage for same-sex couples.

I was at the convention on Friday and Saturday and spoke with hundreds of educators who were so excited about the work that we’re doing. I was so moved by their personal stories about why they’re voting for Question 6.

“Because I am for love,” one woman said. Her words are simple, but her message is so powerful!

They had great questions and wanted to know if there were still opportunities to get involved with the campaign.

There are still two weeks left before Election Day, and there are plenty of things that they – and you – can do to help ensure the passage of Question 6!

Visit Marylanders for Marriage Equality’s calendar of events to find a phone bank or canvassing event near you. Sign up to volunteer with the campaign to Get Out the Vote for Question 6. If you can’t come out to help us in person, please consider contributing whatever you can to ensure we defend marriage equality on November 6.

If you have further questions about how to help in Maryland, you can always email me at

HRC has set up a special fund to direct 100 percent of your contribution today to defend the marriage equality law in Maryland. HRC is a founding member and leader of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the coalition campaign working to defend marriage in the Free State, and your contribution will support the coalition's efforts and count toward your HRC membership.

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