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Maryland Governor O’Malley Proposes Historic Marriage Equality Bill

Post submitted by Kevin Nix, Former HRC Campaign Media Director

Yesterday was a good day for Maryland. Governor O’Malley introduced his marriage equality bill – a priority for him– that included protections for religious institutions. “Governor O’Malley’s courageous and principled leadership on the issue of marriage equality will benefit all Marylanders,” said Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign. “Being able to marry the person you love is a value that all Marylanders hold dear.” HRC is part of the broad-based coalition working to pass a marriage bill over the next 90 days.
Following a breakfast at the Governor’s mansion, O’Malley held a press conference announcing the specifics of the bill.  He was joined by dozens of same-sex couples, clergy, and legislators.  A straight African-American minister, Rev. Starlene Burns of Bowie, explained why she supports the Governor’s bill. 
O’Brian and Daryl, an African-American couple from Prince George’s County who stole the show, told the crowd what marriage would meant to them.  “Being able to be married would be paramount to both of us, because we would like to be able to create our version of the American dream, which is to be able to be married, to be able to purchase a home and within three years be able to adopt children, a little a girl and a little boy.” You have got to watch the video of these guys.

SEIU’s Ezekiel Jackson, as always, hit it out of the park, talking about why labor is supportive. And State Senator Rich Madaleno closed the program with inspiring words and understated his leadership role in getting marriage passed in the Free State.
The Governor sent out a fundraising email following the press conference, asking folks to “show your support of this bill, by making a contribution to Marylanders for Marriage Equality today.

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