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Marriage on the Move in Washington

Today, the Washington State House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of advancing marriage equality legislation in Washington State.  The measure passed by a vote of 7-6.  Lacey All, HRC Foundation and National Board of Directors – who also serves as Chair of Washington United for Marriage – had this to say about today’s action:

"We thank Chair Pedersen and the members of the Judiciary Committee who supported marriage equality today.  As the bill continues to progress in both chambers in Olympia, it is clear that momentum is on our side.  The stories of love, honor, commitment and family that our legislators are hearing from their constituents continue to be the single most important factor that sets us apart from those who oppose this bill."

The full Senate will debate and vote on the legislation this Wednesday, with full House action to occur shortly thereafter.  The bill would then head to Gov. Chris Gregoire’s desk for her signature, which she has indicated she will do.  Opponents wishing to challenge the new law would have until early June to collect 120,557 valid signatures – the amount required to place a referendum on the November 2012 ballot.

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